Detachable Head Torque Wrenches

As part of the 37 Series of torque wrenches Warren and Brown have introduced detachable head versions of the 376000 and 377000 heavy duty wrenches. Utilising these wrenches allows a variety of combinations of open end and 12 point ring attachments up to 1000ft.lbs/1320Nm.

Attachments are made to order. Almost any special attachment can be produced.

Micrometer Adjustable “Automatic Reset” Torque Wrenches

Feature a distinct breaking action when the set torque is reached.

The breaking action is greatest at the upper level of the scale where there is more pressure on the spring. Once the pressure is released, the wrench will automatically reset itself, ready to operate again.


- Left and right hand operation

- Ratchet Head

- English & Metric scales

- Positive Lock with Spring Loaded pull down Lock Ring

- Super rugged knurled metal handle for industrial use

- Socket Locking Device

- Durable

- Accuracy +/- 4% both directions

- Meets or exceeds Australian Standards

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Spare parts for all Warren and Brown tools are held in our Rangiora warehouse.

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