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Jubilee® Clips were manufactured as the first worm drive hose clamp in 1921. The company held the first patent for worm drive hose clips, and has been manufacturing hose clips in Great Britain ever since.  

The name Jubilee® Clip remains a registered trademark throughout the world.

As well as the “original” Jubilee® Clips, the company now offers a wide range of clamping solutions including small clamps such as two-ear ‘O’ clips and Jubilee® Junior nut and bolt clamps, high strength clips such as High Torque and Superclamps, and Multiband cut-to-length banding and strapping systems.


Jubilee® Clips are manufactured in Great Britain to the very highest standards, using only premium grade materials. All product ranges are systematically checked to their various Standards during manufacture and packing.

Jubilee® Clips are KitemarkedTM to BS 5315:1991, the company is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The stainless steel range is also Lloyd’s Type Approved, essential when used for marine applications.

All Jubilee® products conform to the latest EU Directives, furthermore the company aims to work in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible way ensuring that all manufacturing processes conform to environmental legislation. They continue to decrease the effect that their manufacturing output has on the environment and improve packaging waste year on year, recycling as much as possible.


Jubilee® Clips conduct Neutral Salt Spray tests (NSS) according to BS EN ISO 9227 2006. The NSS test is conducted in a sealed chamber at 35oC, where a 5% NaCl solution with a PH value of between 6.5 and 7.2 is sprayed continuously onto the clips. The duration of time shown in this product brochure shows the minimum number of hours the clips are able to withstand the salt spray test without significant signs of corrosion (red rust formation).

It is difficult to transfer this information to a length of time the clips would survive in an application under normal environmental conditions, as these will vary from one location to the next. 240 hours is regarded by the British construction industry as the equivalent of a lifetime of 60 years in an urban outside environment in the UK.

All original Jubilee® Clips are independently tested by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and carry the British Standard Kitemark™, which is universally regarded as the most stringent Standard there is for a hose clip. Both grades of stainless steel clips are also accredited by Lloyd’s Register for marine use.

For the ranges of worm drive hose clips, Jubilee® never use mixed materials, as this ensures highest levels of corrosion resistance, whereas when using mixed materials, such as in W2 hose clips, one material will be sacrificed in favour of another, and will corrode much quicker than when only one material is used.

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