This in-house brand covers a variety of high-quality specialty products for the automotive market.

The Optimax range includes:

 Universal Control Cables

Distributor Caps

Points, Rotors, Condensers

Ignition Coils

Exhaust Clamps

Rubber Mounts


The latest figures from the Ministry of Transport reveal that the average age of vehicles in N.Z. exceeds that of most other first-world countries – the average is now 14 years. Over 1,200,000 pre-2000 cars are still on our roads.

Some of these are Classics – and many are not. All are in need of regular maintenance and parts replacement.

We specialise in new parts for older vehicles – cables, points, caps, rotors, condensers, exhaust clamps, rubber mounts etc. And if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can often locate it for you, so why not give us a try.

OPTIMAX Universal Control Cables:

UC553 – 1.8M, locking, flexible inner core, black knob with choke logo.

TCA22 – 2.8M, non-locking, rigid core, plain black plastic knob.

TCA24 – 1.8M, non-locking, rigid core, plain black plastic knob.

TCA11 – 2.1M, locking, rigid core, chrome T-bar knob.

Need a 10mm (3/8") mounting hole, nut and locking washer included. Fit most vehicles.

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