Warren and Brown have released a new 5 piece Pre-Set Wheel Nut Torque Wrench Set.

This new set is a companion product to their wheel torque sockets and extensions.

Each of the 5 click type wrenches are colour coded for easy identification to suit the given applications:

Yellow = 90Nm

Blue = 103Nm

Tan = 120Nm

Gray = 138Nm

Orange = 150Nm


- Accuracy +/- 3%

- Pre-set to specific torque values

- Ratcheting 1/2" drive

- Colour coded for easy selection

- Automatic reset

- Meets or exceeds international standards

- Right hand operation only

Part No. 334021

BIGSTICK Pre-Set Truck Torque Wrench

           No Hassles - Quick Use


 - Massive 55” (1.4m) length for high torque requirements

 - Preset torque

 - Available in 3/4” drive with reversible ratchet

 - Torque range options 350-600 ft.lbs

 - Supplied in soft storage bag with zippered compartments for  accessories

 - Reflective surfaces for safe highway use at night

 When ordering please specify torque required.

Part No. 346600

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Spare parts for all Warren and Brown tools are held in our Rangiora warehouse.

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